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Houston, We've Landed

What’s in a name?

We never really talk about our brand name and we probably should because it’s a big part of what makes us tick ... and goes a long way to explaining these photos.

Right before we started making peanut butter, I was reading Jules Verne’s book Around The World In 80 Days. I really liked the idea that our future business could also be an adventure. It was going to be new, exciting and different.

No doubt our own journey would have a few good plot twists (read: sleepless nights, errors of judgement and financial struggles), but all-in-all we’d hope to have a happy ending. So Andrea and I settled on a name inspired by the book’s two main globetrotting characters: Phileas Fogg and Detective Fix.

On the weekend, we started a new chapter in our adventure. Fix & Fogg opened a small window in Houston selling jars of peanut butter - just like what we do in Wellington.

We are now well beyond 80 days ... but Fix & Fogg (the peanut butter edition) is slowly starting to go around the world. 

Our F&F window has always been core to our brand and values for lots of reasons. It’s how we first connected with people in New Zealand and it’s our anchor point in the community that supports us. The space is a spot where people can see a friendly face, taste the goodness and be part of the F&F family.

Everything is bigger in Texas, including our gratitude to everyone who came along. All profits from the day went to the Equal Justice Initiative and we were beyond stoked with the turnout and support from our Houston pals. We had peanut butter stuffed cookies (yes, you read that right) from the talented KB Table and cold brew from Tenfold Coffee.

You can now visit Blake and the US F&F team at the PB window in Houston 10am - 3pm Wednesday to Saturday.  Have your PB dreams come true and try all the flavors, get a peanut butter pin for your favorite shirt or just say hi.


F&F founder hunkered down in New Zealand


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