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Fix & Fogg is now in Auckland!

Tucked away at Osborne Lane, we stumbled across this special little window in Auckland completely by chance.

Literally the size of a peanut, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to open our second peanut butter window in New Zealand and begin slinging out our toasty creations. Surrounded by some truly epic neighbours like Duck Island, Burger Burger and Best Ugly Bagels, and previously home to the iconic ‘Camper Coffee’ - this spot had us sold before we could even say ‘peanut butter’.  

With a delicious toast menu and plenty of jars of the good stuff, this is the dream destination for any nut butter lover. Grab a hot cup of Coffee Supreme filter coffee or a juice from our friends at Almighty and check out all the other special things the laneway has to offer. Down the line you can expect rad pop ups, innovative collaborations, and a whole lotta extra nutty goodness to come. Auckland, get excited!

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