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Crunchy Almond Butter


If you’ve ever taken the time to read our Fix & Fogg labels you would’ve seen our statement: We do peanut butter and we do it right. It ain’t no lie, peanut butter has always been at the heart of our nut buttery. For the longest time, our loyal customers and stockists would ask us, “When are you guys going to make almond butter?”, and we were like, “But we do peanut butter!” And then we got to thinking and realised that actually, we can make the best of both. So, that’s what we’re doing: we’re making the best almond butter to hit the shelves and there’s no turning back. It took us a cool 3 years but we've finally created the perfect texture and taste and it was worth the wait!


We’re approaching Fix & Fogg almond butter the same way we approach our peanut butters: we want to make the most nutritious and delicious nut butter. Period. You know our peanut butters are the best because they’re all natural and we use the best ingredients to make them. With our almond butter, the story is exactly the same: we use dry roasted natural almonds and a pinch of Marlborough sea salt. That’s it. No additives, no nothing, just pure almond-y goodness.

We’ve taken a page from our Super Crunchy’s playbook. So, Fix & Fogg almond butter is flecked with steel-cut crunchy chunks of almond for the perfect texture. We also turned up the dial to get a deep, dark roast that brings out the full flavour of these awesome nuts.

You’ve never had almond butter this good. Pinky promise.


You can basically use our Fix & Fogg almond butter the same way you use our PB: put it in your smoothies, smear it on your sourdough, or, eat it straight from the jar! You can even use it in your satay sauces or on your morning porridge – you do you.

We’re thrilled to be creating yet another incredible edible and we hope you’ll try it and love it as much as we do. And let us know what you think either by email or social.

You can buy our almond butter from our online store or at fine food stores and supermarkets throughout New Zealand. If your local doesn’t have it on the shelf [*gasp*] - please ask for it (this really does make a difference) and let us know the store, so we can drop them a line to ‘spread’ the love!

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