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Coffee and Maple


Over the last four years, we’ve become great friends with the team at Coffee Supreme. We’ve done a bunch of events together buttering toast and drinking the good stuff both here in Welly and up in Auckland. Supreme have always been big supporters of F&F and have been selling our peanut butter in their cafes throughout New Zealand and Australia ...  (bet you didn’t know you could grab a slice of Smoke and Fire on toast from their two cafes in Tokyo and you should). Every week we do swapsies between our staff kitchens: coffee for peanut butter. The perfect trade. So when they said yes to doing a PB collab with us, we were pretty darn excited.


The whole process of making Coffee and Maple has taken months of taste testing and refinement. We both wanted a peanut butter that had a great flavour balance with a strong coffee profile that wasn’t too overpowering and a good texture. Our Coffee and Maple peanut butter is made by blending our Smooth PB with Supreme Coffee’s Supreme Blend. We then add a touch of pure Canadian Maple syrup. The sweetness helps tie together the creaminess of our peanut butter, and that coffee punch.

We've been loving it on pancakes with sliced bananas, stirred through our morning oats, in bliss balls, or straight from the spoon when we're running late for work and don't have time for breakfast and a cup of coffee. 

This special release will be available from both our Eva Street window and online store.  You'll also be able to grab a jar from Coffee Supreme's online store in NZ and Australia and at selected stockists nationwide. 

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